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Introduction of Calcium Magnesium Alloy Product Performance and Application Fields

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Introduction of Calcium Magnesium Alloy Product Performance and Application Fields

Use metallurgy, biology and other methods to study the influence of alloying elements on calcium-magnesium alloys and smelt them into calcium-magnesium alloys with different calcium qualities. Annealing, annealing, solution treatment, artificial aging, and other heat treatment methods are used to improve alloy properties, and the effect of calcium content on alloy properties is obtained.

1. Adding a small amount of calcium to magnesium alloy can improve the metallurgical quality of magnesium alloy;

2. The anti-oxidation effect of adding calcium to heat-treat the molten metal and castings before the injection of the cast alloy;

3. It can refine the microstructure of the alloy, improve the creep resistance of the magnesium alloy, and improve the rollability of the magnesium plate.

Magnesium-calcium alloys, introduction to mechanical properties, magnesium and magnesium alloys have been widely used in aerospace, electronic communications, automobile manufacturing and other fields due to their low density, specific strength, high specific strength and other excellent comprehensive properties; and magnesium as the main Hard tissue implant materials, compared with a variety of metal implant materials currently used in clinical applications, have the following outstanding advantages: abundant resources and low price; as the current high-density structural material, many of them are very close to human bones. The mechanical performance parameters are metal elements required by the human body and have good biocompatibility.

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