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What are the important uses of metallic calcium?

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What are the important uses of metallic calcium?

The application history of metallic calcium is relatively long. Before scientists discovered this element, calcium had been widely used in architectural life. The main component of marble commonly seen in ancient buildings is calcium, and calcium compounds are also widely used in modern buildings. Calcium is very important to human health and is an essential macro element for human body. In the industrial field, the application of calcium is also very wide. For example, when smelting tin bronze, nickel, and steel, calcium is used as a deoxidizer; in the manufacture of electron tubes, calcium is used as a getter; and calcium is a dehydrating agent for organic solvents.

The specific applications of calcium in the industrial field are as follows:

Deoxidizer: Calcium is used as deoxidizer when smelting tin bronze, nickel and steel.

Dehydrating agent: Calcium is a dehydrating agent for organic solvents.

Desulfurization and decarburization agent: Calcium is a desulfurization and decarburization agent for iron and iron alloys.

Getter: Calcium is used as a getter in the manufacture of electron tubes.

Nitrogen removal agent: Calcium is a nitrogen removal agent for pure inert gas, which decomposes foul-smelling thiophene and mercaptans.

Flux: Calcium fluoride is used as a raw material for optical glass, optical fiber, enamel, and as a flux.

Oxidizing agent, bleaching agent, quick-drying agent: Calcium peroxide is a mild oxidizing agent, used as a sterilization, antiseptic, and bleaching agent; also used as a quick-drying agent for sealing cement.

Reducing agent: Calcium is a metallurgical reducing agent at high temperature-metal chromium, thorium, uranium, rare earth elements, zirconium are produced from oxides and halides, as well as magnetic materials samarium cobalt alloy, hydrogen absorbing materials lanthanum nickel alloy and titanium nickel Alloy etc.

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