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Principles and characteristics of calcium treatment of molten steel by seamless calcium wire

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Principles and characteristics of calcium treatment of molten steel by seamless calcium wire

Calcium metal is added to molten steel and partly dissolved on the molten steel to become dissolved calcium in steel; part of the steam volatilizes; part of it reacts with Al2O3 inclusions or S in the steel to form impurities. After refining, these impurities float into the slag during the continuous casting process, and the remaining part remains in the steel as inclusions. Denaturation treatment of inclusions: Al2O3 becomes CaO-Al2O3 or CaO-Al2O3-CaS; CaS becomes CaO-Al2O3-CaS. It can effectively change the fluidity of molten steel. Save deoxidation of alloys, use desulfurization products, and save smelting costs. The condition of inclusions in molten steel is related to the amount of calcium, time and speed.

It is a normal smelting process in the smelting process that the metal calcium wire denatures the inclusions in the clean molten steel and changes the composition of the molten steel. How to improve the absorption of calcium in the steelmaking process, stabilize the calcium content in molten steel, reduce the cost of calcium wire, and better apply to smelting refined steel, reducing costs, is the goal that steel companies have been seeking. Our company's composite pure calcium wire processing technology meets this requirement. The basic characteristics of calcium metallurgy are the melting point of 850°C, the boiling point of 1480°C, and the density of 1.55g/cm3. The melting degree in molten steel is close to zero, and it has a great affinity for oxygen. Liquid calcium can dissolve Al2O3. After treatment, the Al2O3 in the molten steel and calcium form a large-particle liquid mixture, which makes it easier to float. The nozzle blockage caused by excessive Al2O3 in molten steel is reduced, and the pouring ability of molten steel is improved. After calcium treatment, Al2O3 inclusions remain spherical, which improves rolling performance.

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