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In daily life, what are the different applications of metallic calcium?

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In daily life, what are the different applications of metallic calcium?

In the industrial field, metallic calcium can be used as deoxidizer, dehydrating agent, desulfurization and decarbonization agent, getter, denitrification agent, cosolvent, oxidant, reducing agent, bleaching agent, quick-drying agent, etc. Most industrial applications are a good metal by itself, which can be related to the different reactions of various elements.

As a good deoxidizer, it can be used to smelt tin bronze, nickel, steel and steel; calcium can be used as a dehydrating agent for organic solvents; when calcium is used as a reducing agent, metal chromium, sturgeon, and uranium can be prepared from oxides and halides , Rare earth elements, zirconium, magnetic materials, lithium cobalt alloys, hydrogen absorbing materials, titanium nickel alloys, etc.

Of course, calcium is in the medical field in the medical field. First of all, calcium is a very good trace element, which can promote the growth of human bones.

The application of calcium in the field of construction should not be underestimated. For example, it can be well applied to minerals containing calcium in marble stairs and walls, among which calcium carbonate is a very common building material. For example, pure white calcium carbonate rock is called white marble, which can be directly used to make decorative stone pillars or handicrafts; calcium carbonate with beautiful patterns due to impurities is called marble, which is used for veneers or paving the ground (such as the palace gardens). Marble and stone sculptures in China). The dense calcium carbonate (limestone) can also be used directly in construction, but the main purpose of limestone is to produce cement. Fluorite is also widely used in building materials industries such as glass, ceramics, and cement. Because of its wide distribution of raw materials, lime is also widely used in civil engineering and various buildings.

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